Porcelain Princess Here to Help!

Throughout my entire life I was always thin, running the 800m in the track meet for my school, participating in cross country, and playing basketball on my school team. I was always fit and athletic, never a couch potato. Then University came along, I’m sure you’ve heard of the expression frosh 15, for me it was more of a frosh 35. I tried the whole eating healthy, working out at the gym, lifting weights, going for a run; nothing helped. I then began taking birth control, I gained another 25-30lbs. I then saw a picture of me at my “biggest” started to panic, I instantly got off birth control, by doing that alone the 25lbs was gone. I continued working hard to try to lose the remaining 35 lbs nothing was helping, I couldn’t even drop a pound. Then I got my wisdom teeth pulled. All 4 teeth were badly impacted, I looked like Quagmire (gigade- gigade), due to my wisdom teeth getting pulled, for a month I lived off of Campbell’s and Jello. All I would hear was how great I looked, everyone would ask how I managed to drop so much weight. That’s when a spark went off in my head; I enjoy eating food too much so I knew I would have to eat, they key was to make sure the food wouldn’t stay in my system. That’ s were it all began! I would praise and bow to the porcelain goddess and laxatives became my best friends.

The purpose of my Blog Porcelain Princess 101 is to talk about eating disorders, to let people know that they are not alone and can talk to people about all different types of eating disorders. In this Blog I will speak about personal experiences in relation to bulimia, and I will do my research to find facts about other eating disorders that I am not so familiar with such as Anorexia and Obesity. This Blog will not only serve as an outlet for me, but what I would love for it to become is a community, a community of people like me who would want to communicate about what they are going through, and also help center in the hopes that we can all get through this together. That being said I am not the only person Blogging about eating disorders, for those of you that want to look into other Blogs that have been around a while here is a list of 5 of my top eating disorder Blogs, I hope they help you, as they have helped me:






I am not a doctor by any means, I am not a psychologist either. I am just a women who has experienced bulimia in my life, I know the difficulties, I know the feeling of being alone. In all my Blog posts I will either write based on person experiences, or based on research I have done on the topics. Some of the Blogs I have listed about are based on writings of Doctors as well as Psychologists. When I felt most alone I did research on bulimia, as well as the consequences that come from bulimia, they were startling which is why I’m trying my best to recover fully. These sites include the following:






For Daily Tips feel free to follow me on twitter @PPrincess101. The hashtags that I will use most frequently, and that are also being used by others are #edrecovery , #EatingDisorders, #yourebeautiful , #RecoveryIsPossible, #BeProHealth.

Stay Happy, Stay Healthy, Until Next Time.



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