I am a soon to be 24 year old women. I have been dealing with bulimia for almost 2 years now, For the past year it has been an on and off battle. Once I reached my target weight I was so content, I felt as if I didn’t need to loose anymore weight. Then I gained not even 5 pounds and started freaking out. It started all over again. To the point where my ideal weight was completely less then I ever imagined. I am currently 5’7 weighing 113 lbs thinking that I’m constantly gaining weight. When I look in the mirror all I notice are flaws and stretch marks, even some cellulite; each time I begin to panic. The only thing that calms me down is jumping on the scale to see the number, in the hopes that the number doesn’t read higher then the last time. My biggest battle was that I felt so alone, I didn’t want anyone to know. All the complements about “You look great!” really got to my head. I didn’t want anyone to know my secret. I knew if anything I would be judged by my peers. Finally it got too much, I was consumed with the way I looked (mainly my weight), I broke down and told my boyfriend. It was telling someone that has changed my life. He was my rock. Although to this day I have feeling about wanting to throw everything up (and sometimes when he’s not looking, if I feel I’ve over eaten I relapse) it was having someone to talk to that really helped me through it all.


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