Porcelain Princess Follow-Up 5

I just want to start off by thanking everyone for taking the time to read and comment on my posts throughout the term. I hope you enjoyed reading my posts as I have truly enjoyed reading each of yours.

First I want to comment on the comment written by MarMar. When I mention moving from an amateur to a professional, I am not saying that each person who participate in citizen journalism will become a professional, what I am saying social media has created a platform to which amateur’s who are interested in seeking a professional career are able to use social media as a portfolio, they are able to use social media to gain a voice with followers, they are able to gain experience and their own style. I completely agree not everyone will become a professional, but it is a stepping stone. I do completely agree with MarMar’s comment when she mentions validity. That is not always found in citizen journalism I agree.

Secondly I want to refer to the question asked by Kathy. I Think this course has opened my eyes to new possibilities of things I never knew existed in the online community. Do I think as of now I will participate in citizen journalism probably not at the moment; BUT if I do some reading or hear something I feel worthy of writing about, now I feel I have a certain online voice and all the tools necessary that I would eventually participate in it.

After reading Koooch’s blog, I think she had similar views to mine in regards to citizen journalism and democracy. It is a great read, click the link above to read for yourself! Citizen journalism does give us all an important voice which is the purpose of democracy.

After reading Live In Equality Blog I think she put it best when she outline the previous ways of expressing opinions such as news papers, and magazines; each are ways that would be very difficult to have a piece of work published. Great way to put it in perspective. She also brings up great points about credibility. Click the link above to read her post!

Something surprising I have learned after doing all these readings is that I have read many articles that would be considered citizen journalism, I have read many posts that would be considered citizen journalism. But I never knew there was a name for it, or what it was called.

Stay Happy, Stay Healthy, Until Next Time.



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