PorcelainPrincess Follow-Up 4

It’s sad but exciting, this is our second last summary post! I enjoy reading each of your posts every week, I learn something new that I didn’t really think of myself.

After reading each of our blog posts a common theme was the Jessig video, each of us seemed to have related to that video the most. It made things more clear cut, and put it in perspective with real life examples.

For a great easy to read, funny blog click here. Chelsea does a great job right at the beginning outlining many reasons why people chose to lean towards the side of piracy then the legal way. And these are so true, because at some point in time one of these excuses came out of my mouth. In Chelsea’s blog she too uses the Lessig video when he states that people remix as a tool of creativity. They remix to express there own emotions about something.

I received a comment about how can it be real creativity if they are using the music of someone else? The answer to that I feel is, it talks a lot of work to remix, although the words used are the same or similar, the beat of the song changes, the pace of the words change. If something sounds loud and upbeat, this usually fits with the emotion of happiness. If something is slow and sultry, this usually fits the emotion of sadness. This is how they express creativity and tell there own story. You can click here to find another blogger Jenna who has similar views as mine, maybe she can explain it clearer.

Something that I found really surprising, and I also got a lot of comments about were about all the questions I was asking throughout my initial blog post. Each of us has watched a few videos, read quite a few articles; but we are all still confused to some degree about copyright and piracy. Still confused about the fine line between legal and illegal. I feel like thats what makes this topic so interesting, we each have our own opinions, and none of them can be right or wrong since we can’t really answer these questions just yet.

Stay Happy, Stay Healthy, Until Next Time.



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