PorcelainPrincess on Anorexia and Bulimia

Below is a short video I have created. The purpose on the video is to show pictures that the Media shows. These images are of unrealistic women which, we are used to seeing daily (especially if you are a women). These women are all either size 0 or 2. Unrealistic images of what “regular” women look like. Followed by pictures of women who suffer from sever eating disorders such as Anorexia and Bulimia, while the pictures are playing there is a brief description of what each of them are. Followed by pictures of Marilyn Monroe. A natural beauty. She was always in the eyes of the media, she is real, curvy and beautiful. After the picture of Marilyn Monroe are real women with real bodies. This video is to show all women are beautiful. No matter your shape or your size.

I created this video on iMovie on my Mac. I looked online through many pictures and chose ones I thought would best fit this video. I used a song in the background which I saw fitting as well as techniques of voice overs as well as transitions into different photos.

I hope you enjoy.

Stay Happy. Stay Healthy. Until Next Time.


(I developed a cold before recording, I apologize for the raspy voice)


One thought on “PorcelainPrincess on Anorexia and Bulimia

  1. I know we dont have to comment on this, just wanted to say well done :)!!!! I’m sad I couldnt embed my video right on my page 😦 , mozilla popcorn doesn’t allow that feature and my imovie got deleted off my mac! but your video was really well put together, and the pictures were very real and your voice was just fine don’t worry !! 🙂

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