PorcelainPrincess Follow-Up 3

I just want to start off again by thanking everyone who took the time to read my previous post as well as take the time to make comments on my posts.

Most of the comments mentioned how they like how I linked the course readings and videos to personal views about videos I’ve watched on Youtube about eating disorders. I figured what better way to gain an understanding about copyright; and also better way to determine my views about copyright then to do some primary research.

After writing my blog post, it was time to view all your blog posts and right comments on yours. I found a common similarity between that of mine and that of Koooch’s Blog. We both comments on writing papers in University and how it is so important to reference the sources used. We both didn’t completely use them in the same context, but it was interesting to see how we found a similar link. I still stand behind the theory that it shouldn’t be considered copyright if the appropriate sources are referenced. Similarly to the pictures I post here on my blog. Some are photos I have created myself, others are pictures that I have taken from other peoples work. But each time I used a photo that is not mine a source it. I give credit were credit is due.

Something new I learned from watching one of the videos for this week, which wasn’t completely new but very surprising was the number of songs that are knock-offs of other songs. In the Remix Part 1 of the videos they played about 5 songs in a row and the background baseline was the same throughout various songs I believe it was the song Good Times by Chic. I would not have noticed it myself had they not put them together. I usually am only able to tell when a song is remixed, where it is clear through the words and beat that the song had perviously been written.

Another thing that I found very interesting after watching Remix Part 1 was the amount of copyright songs that have either kept the same name; or the band had similar names to the band which they had copied the song from.

I cant wait to watch all your videos as I’m sure they will all be interesting and fun to see.

Stay Happy, Stay Healthy, Until Next Time.


Everything is a Remix Part 1 from Kirby Ferguson on Vimeo.


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