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This post will mainly focus on Youtube and the Idea of being both a producer and consumer; but also how it affects copyright laws. To start off I would like to quote L Hilderbrand when he states what and why copyright laws are all about. “At the base, copyright allows rights owners the right of publication and in exchange for offering cultural works for public consumption, of profiting from such publication.” (L. Hilderbrand, 2007) My basic understand of this is that the sole owner of such public is the only one allowed to profit from such work; thus making it illegal for other to profit or benefit from re-making or re-posting.

Personally I have taken the time to watch Youtube posts on eating disorders, both for my own personal knowledge, but also to gain more information as I am writing a blog about eating disorders. Most of what I found on Youtube in regards to eating disorders were TV clips from talk shows about people sharing their own experiences of eating disorders, TV clips about talk shows blaming the media for eating disorders, a personal diary entries and videos about ways to get help. Most of which would be considered copyright. But I do think to take videos down with such substance, as these could be detrimental. Of course people with eating disorders can read blogs such as this, but something about watching a personal speak about it, being able to see the emotion really hits home.

Now if it would be detrimental to take these important videos down, how can we abide by copyright laws and still have these videos up for everyone to see? To answer this question, I look back at all the school papers I have written. The various articles which I have quoted, the authors, which I have paraphrased. Then I think what made that so different? Each time I used and article or quoted an author I had to reference each source. Each time I post a picture on this blog that I have not created myself, I need to reference it. Therefore in the case of video’s posted on Youtube could they not just reference where the video was taken from? In an article written by Jenkins he states, “Some fear that media is out of control, others that it is too controlled” (Jenkins, 2004) By removing all videos by the request of the owner if proper referencing wasn’t in place I truly feel that it would control the copyright issues, but not control the creative behind the people that are making their own Youtube videos.

Another way Youtube could work toward building a robust and freely accessible cultural commons is by removing the idea that people get paid for videos. Know this may seem extreme. But it would be copyright or pirating if someone were profiting off the works of other people. I do not think that people would stop using Youtube or stop making videos if they were not paid. People would be so lucky to make good money off of Youtube, and the only way to make real money, good money, is to have a video go viral which not everyone that posts video has done, or may be capable of doing.

Finally, I think Youtube is a great tool, it can be very informative and very fun. There has to be a way to work together in the sense of copyright laws. I truly think that if a video is properly references it should no longer be considered copyright, just as in all the previous papers as well as this blog I’ve written. And perhaps lose the idea of getting paid from video views; which eliminates people profiting off of other peoples works. These are just ideas I’ve come up with. I just know to take down such important videos as the ones I’ve viewed on Youtube about eating disorders would be a big mistake as they are really informative.

Stay Happy, Stay Healthy, Until Next Time.



Jenkins, H. (2004) The Cultural Logic of Media Convergence International Journal of Cultural Studies March 2004 7: 33-43.

Hilderbrand, L. (2007). Youtube: Where Cultural Memory and Copyright Converge. Film Quarterly. Vol. 61, No. 1, 48-57.


6 thoughts on “PorcelainPrincess On Producer-Consumer

  1. Great Blog!
    I like the way you were able to tie in personal information and topic related things into this topic! I also believe that many of the videos I watch on Youtube about LGBT equality and stuff has some very good knowledge and raises very good awareness, though some of those could also be considered copyright by parts being taken from TV shows, but if the person making those videos isn’t profiting, by the definition you posted, is it still considered breaking the copyright law?
    You make a great point about refrencing especially about how we have to reference papers, shouldn’t videos where we take material be treated the same? Maybe it’s because it’s becoming a newer thing since the creation of youtube and all this video editing software, makes it so easy to copy and paste things from other sources. For example our videos we need to make this week, I’m cutting parts out of videos from YouTube, though I have no idea if what I’m doing will be considered copyright.. I’m going to make a slide for the end of my video with all the sources I used for the media I took elsewhere, but I dont think that would even cover it. This whole copyright thing to me is confusing.. But I totally agree, if you reference the material, and you have access to it, then why not?
    One of the videos I wanted to use for my video, had embedding disabled, so I couldn’t even use any part of the material if I tried!

    Good job :)!

  2. You make an interesting point about Youtube videos. I will just offer some food for thought. I believe that many of the videos have been made for informational purposes as opposed to making an income.

    After seeing some videos and someone feels they can add to them, I suppose that is aiding the public to help understand whatever the topic is. If someone is looking to make maney, then you have two choices. Either you don’t offer it up for the public or put it on a pay to see site. This way if it is a good enough product, people will pay to see it, and use it. I know that if I go to a site that requires payment, and it is not that interesting or useful, I avoid it.

  3. Great blog
    I like the way you connected the readings with your personal blog topic! I know for a fact that the more followers on youtube hat you have and the more videos you make you will receive income for it. I think that even though people use youtube to make tutorials and informational videos they still have the ability to make money off of them depending on the amount of viewers.

    I agree that people would still create videos without that money , yet i DO believe it is becoming very easy for videos to become viral now adays if the video is good think about the latest stars that were found of youtube .. justin bieber is one of them

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