PorcelainPrincess Follow-Up 2

I would just like to thank everyone again for taking the time to read my blog post and make such detailed comments, it really helps me out so much, thanks a bunch!

After reading a few of your posts as well as comments written on my previous posts I realized how different people read different articles and take points out which they feel are more important then others. It was interesting to see and read similar quotes used in different contexts. I not only learned more about Wikipedia by reading the articles, but I also learned more just by reading each other’s comments as well as blog posts.

A few of us had similar views about Wikipedia not being a credible and reliable source. I noticed that we used much of the same articles and even in most cases some of the exact same quotes. I’m happy I’m not the only one who has these views about Wikipedia. One of the comments mentioned how the editors are not getting paid. I agree with you when you said that basically eventually the creativity will die out and even the “want” to try and edit the posts will die too.

Another comment was based on my wording when I said the editors use creativity, by this I solely meant that if a writer is creative with wording, and even facts then what they wrote may appear to be more reliable and credible. I agree we only use Wikipedia for facts and knowledge; and not a story. But when creativity is at play, things seem to be more credible then they may actually be.

Now for the blogs written with the opposite position then that of mine, I found them to be a very interesting read. I learned more about different ways to use Wikipedia then for school purposes (personal use). Most of you mention using Wikipedia as a starting point to gain common knowledge on a certain topic, and then do further research. For personal use I can definitely see myself using it, for school assignments I would much rather stick the databases of articles that we each as university students get free access to.

I also received a post saying that things are not always incorrect, or even not completely false. That may be the case, but when I’m doing research I want to know that the information I’m finding is accurate. I know that anything on the Internet can be incorrect and not everything on the Internet is credible but when I know that a source has a high rate and chance of not being credible I personally would just rather avoid the site all together.

To the comment written by agirlthatfound love; be sure to read my next post later this week. I will be relating Wikipedia to women suffering with eating disorders, it will be an interesting read. For this post I was trying to focus more of the reading questions but thanks for the tip.

Thanks again everyone for commenting on my posts, I really enjoyed reading each one of your posts and I can’t wait to read the next.

Stay Happy. Stay Healthy. Until Next Time.



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