PorcelainPrincess Follow-Up

I would like to start off by thanking everyone to take the time to read my post and write such positive feedback. It really allows me to enjoy writing these posts knowing that other people have similar views as I do.

I would like to first respond to the comment written by agirlthatfoundlove. I completely agree with your statement about people who are considered a support system; and actually communicating with then rather then just letting a massive amount of people via SNS. Usually, and I speak for myself, when I’m going through rough personal times I feel that it really is none of the business of most of the people I friend on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Because like you said the people who one would want to share these personal things with, will be in your life in the physical way. I also feel that I should perhaps do the same thing as you have done which is rid the people off my SNS that I do not frequent and haven’t frequented in a while; nor would I want to.

Next I would like to address the comment written by wrestlingirl. Through my blog posts my main purpose in what I would like to achieve is to express how readings and posts relate to my personal life and experiences. So thanks for the positive feedback; at least I know I’m heading in the right direction :). I agree with what you commented on texting; how yes it is more of a conversation then posting via SNS. But like you also mentioned it isn’t quite the same as a real conversation. Through texting its hard to really get the emotional connection to a person that one could through a face-to-face interaction. And also I agree with you when you say the conversation is usually kept to a minimum, less characters and texts are used.

Thanks for your comments Kathy Wasylenky. However, when I mentioned only posting happy things that happen in my life; I am only referring to the way I use SNS. I do however agree with you somewhat, because there are a few people who I friend via SNS and they do post negative things which happen in there life. A few friends post about deaths in the family and other hard times which they go through in life. Yes I do have sympathy for these people. I myself have gone through hard times such as these; but personally I don’t post these negative things. In fact when I’m going through rough times I usually avoid making any posts on my personal SNS accounts which I have friends and family on. Which is obviously different from this blog, considering most of this is very personal. Also, I wouldn’t say the youth thrive on negativity, personally I feel that they thrive on getting attention; positive or negative.

Lastly I want to thank Jenna Williams for the great feedback. I took the picture thinking it would perfectly match what I was trying to say in my post. I agree with you, most of my friends are in all different places in their lives, and i truly think if it weren’t for SNS I would have actually communicated with these people more, knowing that if I didn’t I wouldn’t know what was happening in their lives. But since we all use SNS we “think” we know what everyone is going through. It wasn’t until reading the articles that I noticed it myself.

Again, I would just like to thank each of you for taking the time to read my post and leaving such great comments.

Stay Happy, Stay Healthy, Until Next Time.



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